A Compendium of Helpful Resources From Our Lab For Doing Science

Organization 101.pptx

Gillian Autterson's Guide to Staying Organized In Science

Gillian is known as the supremely organized person in our lab. We asked her to share her tips and tricks for how to stay on top of all things science, and she created this powerpoint. It has terrific suggestions for all of us, and underscores how much of success in science is about having a coherent system to keep track of myriad competing demands.

Jason's Overview of Confocal Microscopy Principles and How to Use All Those Confocal Buttons to Make Better Pics

While the powerpoint is geared towards the Leica system, many of the principles apply to any confocal system. Also in here is an overview of deconvolution principles and using the Stellaris SP8 FALCON microscope.